About pikolashley

Hi, I’m Ashley. I have been a proud mama of my beautiful daughter since 2008 and I am fascinated by food and holistic healing. I love everything about the process; from growing to recreating to sustaining. I love soaking up all there is to know about ingredients and food. I really enjoy trying to recreate meals I have ordered out at restaurants into recipes I can make at home. Nowadays, I believe it is more important than ever to explore where our food is grown as well as what is being added to it along the way. I fully support organic, local and non-GMO and hope to bring us all back around to the basics.

EWG’s Shopping Guide – Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Focus on what you Eat

Small Changes lead to Big Differences! While changing your lifestyle can initially feel overwhelming, taking small steps in the right direction will point you down a healthier path of lifelong habits. Over the years, I have made small changes that … Continue reading