Food Labels: the Fact and the Fiction

All about the food labels and what to look for while shopping. Be sure you check out the original article by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. It is definitely worth the read.

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As the demand for healthy, organic food rises, more and more companies bring products to the shelves that make claims like “all natural” or “sustainable”. While the increased access to healthy foods is certainly a positive advancement, companies often utilize unregulated buzzwords in an attempt to sell more of their product. So although you might feel better purchasing products labeled “all natural” or “sustainable” or “cage free”, in reality, those terms might not mean what you think they mean.

In a survey of 1,004 Americans conducted by Consumer Reports, the majority of those polled said that they believed the term “natural” meant that the food contained no artificial ingredients or GMOs, and that no pesticides were used in the growth of the food (Consumer Reports Survey).Yet as there is no regulation of the term “natural”, nor a formal definition by the FDA of the term…

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