Let’s Talk Tupperware

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it

Ditch the plastic and pick up a better habit! I resolved to no longer buy and/or use plastic storage containers a few years ago and have never looked back. I save any and all glass jars and reuse them over and over. Sauce bottles, jellies, dressings, juices, etc. Don’t recycle them, upcycle them! I also prefer the visual appeal of glass jars in and out of the fridge and they come in great hand for homemade gifts!

  • Modern Day Kitchen “black holes” = the tupperware cabinet
  • End the Madness = glass mason jars come in different shapes & sizes
  • Stay Organized = save space in your fridge, cabinets & dishwashers
  • All Lids are Created Equal = no more searching for the perfect match; they all match (mason jars)



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