We are all giant stalks of celery

Infused_WaterI am, you are, we are…

One of my “a-ha moments” happened last year when I reached in the fridge for some celery and pulled out a floppy, bent over version of a stalk. Bummer. Nothing worse than limp stalks of celery, amiright? The good news is, you can make them stand right back up simply by placing in a cup of water. Since celery is comprised of 95% water, it makes complete sense why it needs to remain hydrated in order to keep that crunch we all know and love. Wait a minute…isn’t there something else that is comprised of a lot of water? US! Over half of our body is comprised of water and it is equally important for us to maintain hydration. Water is the first thing I drink in the morning and the last thing I drink before bed. I try my best to drink as much water throughout the day as possible; some days I am better at this than others, but I try and keep that picture of the celery stalk in my mind as a reminder. We’ll talk more water tips in a bit-for now? Drink. Replenish. Repeat


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